Associazione Italiana  per lo Sviluppo della Coscienza

Membro del Network dell'A. I. P. T membro associato dell' ETPA

"Si diventa ciò che si pensa" (Maitry Upanishad)

We consider both Spirit and Body as two faces of the same medal, so we drew an atom, with its electron orbit, as the association logos, symbol of Tradition.

This association, with no political or commercial aim, was born on 2 February 1999, founded by people who, at a certain moment of their life, felt the strong need to star a spiritual research; the poet Yeats called thi wish: "The only one-way-journey".

The Partners have the possibility to share their experiences, desires and needs during their common way on this spiritual path no bound to any philosophical or religious ideas or faith.

Our aim is to develop both the conprehention and realization of this Sacred things, on which everything is based and that is the foundation of Unity between man and the world, our purpose is to develop this consciousness in our social and personal life.

In order to grow in our spiritual path, we follow the metaphysical "Advaita Vedanta" school for the following argumentes:

- a theory based on Asram Vidya books, personally translated from Sanscrit by Raphael, the Advaitin master, who lives as an ascetic, in solitude;

- a pratical experience based on a guided Yoga Vedanta meditation based on "Observant Coscience";

- we are interested in obtaining and deepening knowledge in other holy traditions and in particular, in the Christian ascetic experiences, in order to undeline and consider what mostly unites different spiritual realizations;

- we do not require a particular back-ground in order to follow our meetings, as our approach is pragmatic; we want to be well rooted in the ground, we do not advertise "Soul Supermarket" product, we only want to live our experiences together as a great spiritual adventure;

- we offer the partners the possibility to get advantage from our transpersonal Counseling service, Psicosintesi based;

As you can see form the link of the services, you can have here:

- we are greatly interested in the children's upbringing, our aim, with "The Good Press Agency" is to spread positive news in order to fight back the present-day tragic life-vision. We give great attention to Ecology, dealt in a practical way as it appears dayly; we all believe we are sailing on this ship of ours: our Earth, that is carrying. All of us, during our short wordlytrip, towarde the Universe.

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